Sample Tutoring Contract (to be modified for your use)
(Tutors, please note: I am not a lawyer and am not qualified to give legal advice. However, this is similar to the tutoring contract I have used in the past. Feel free to modify it however you wish. If you want to create a more legally binding contract, please contact an attorney.—Erin O’Briant)
Contract for Tutoring Services with Sally the Tutoring Expert


Name of student: __________________________________________________

Name(s) of legal parent or guardian (if student under age 18): ___________________


If the student is a minor, the name of the designated “point person” with whom I will arrange sessions and communicate about tutoring business and goals:


Tutoring Location: _________________________________________________________________

Home Address, if different:


Contact phone numbers, including home and cell if available:


Point person email address:


Preferred method of communication: ___________________________________

Best times to reach the tutoring point person: _____________________________


My hourly tutoring rate is $____ per hour. That hour includes 55 minutes of tutoring and 5 minutes to check in about progress and scheduling. I’m not able to stay longer than 60 minutes unless otherwise arranged. (Tutor: Note whether your fee includes travel time.)

The point person agrees to pay my tutoring fee in advance or at the beginning of the tutoring session. If you would like to pay my fee in advance, you may mail a check to: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You may also put the fee into my PayPal account, ___________, plus a 3% surcharge to cover PayPal costs, before the session.


You may cancel your tutoring session with no penalty up to 24 hours before the scheduled session. If, however, you cancel within 24 hours of the session, payment is due in full. Please initial here to verify that you understand this cancellation policy: ______To cancel an appointment, call or text my cell phone at: _________________________


A regular weekly scheduled session is best, but with notice we may be able to adjust your tutoring session. Please contact me by cell phone at _______________ for scheduling. If I don’t hear otherwise from you, I will plan to meet with the student on ____________(day) at __________ a.m./p.m. at ___________________ (location).

This tutoring agreement may be terminated at any time by any party, within the cancellation policy guidelines above. If I must end the tutoring relationship for some reason, I will do my very best to give sufficient notice and provide referrals if requested.


All parties agree to the above terms.

___________________________________ (tutor)

___________________________________ (student)

___________________________________ (parent or guardian, if applicable)