Awesome English and Math tutor in San Francisco

by Michelle Tan
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

I'm currently an undergraduate in Psychology and Anthropology at San Francisco State University. I love my courses and plan to graduate with the class of 2012. I've had a number of tutoring opportunities that I really enjoyed and I've been told that I'm a great tutor. I'm humorous, charismatic, understanding, and I am able to easily bring myself to the level my students are at.

I currently work as a notetaker on campus for disabled students as well so I am capable of teaching someone how to take good notes. I've had experience tutoring at nearly all levels of education. A recent engagement was a volunteer gig with project READ in Redwood City. I tutored a 7th grader in Math and English. Before that, I was a Teaching Assistant for 2 college classes. One of those classes required me to proofread and grade undergraduate level papers. The other required me to hold office hours twice weekly to give personal tutoring to the students who came in. In the recent past I have also taught English to groups of students at college level. One of my classes gave me the opportunity to work with and teach kids with learning disabilities as well.

I enjoy a very interactive teaching style with my students. Depending on my student's learning style, I have no problems using visual aids (drawings, charts) and even movement for more kinesthetically oriented students. I believe that for learning to take place there has to be a good relationship between the tutor and the student. I'm there as a professional, but I care if my student has had a bad day and needs to talk about it. I make it a point to care. I enjoy working with kids and adolescents, although I am open to students of any age and need.

I am easily accesible by email (mictan and phone (415-828-5039). Thanks for reading my profile, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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