High School Tutors Can Change Your Life

I know from experience that high school tutors can make a huge difference. Just sitting down one-on-one with a helpful, knowledgeable person makes school seem more possible.

High school students are studying a huge array of subjects and dealing with all that adolescence has to offer, so it's important to find a good fit, both with subject matter and personality.

I've partnered with WyzAnt to provide my site visitors with a database of 40,000 tutors. There's one just about everywhere in the United States, and their specialties are nearly endless. Search here, email a few you like, and get your high school student on track now!

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What about online tutoring?

I’m amazed by how easy it is to connect with high-quality online tutors in nearly any subject area.

If a student is Internet-savvy and concentrates well, getting academic support on the Internet can be a great solution. Rates are sometimes much cheaper than in-person help.

The success of online tutoring really depends on the student. Sometimes there is no substitute for in-person interaction. But high schoolers who love the Internet may find it a great resource. You'll have to see what works the best!

Test Prep Tutoring

Lots of high school students are stressed about the SAT and ACT, and finding a qualified tutor or program can really help.

Tutoring centers often specialize in tutoring or prep classes for specific tests. The Princeton Review is a good example. But don’t dive headfirst into an expensive program without doing your homework beforehand. What do students who have taken the course say about it? Who is the instructor? What are his or her qualifications?

A private tutor meets with you individually to go through test prep materials (which you will likely provide) and help you stay on track. Depending on the test, you might find a specialist. But it’s a lot easier to find an SAT specialist than a CBEST specialist. When possible, look for a tutor who did very well on the same test you’re preparing for. (If his SAT math scores weren’t so hot, he won’t be able to help you improve much.)

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