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I don't have to tell you that a Masters degree education can bring you the competitive edge as a teacher. But I can tell you that it has made a huge difference for me, and I'd love to share some excellent resources with you here.

Whether you're already working in education or you're looking to launch your teaching career, an MA, MS, or MAT offers three huge benefits:

1) A graduate degree in education can launch you into better teaching jobs or positions with more responsibility (such as managing curriculum, etc.)

2) A Masters degree education can allow you to transition into an area of teaching or research that interests you, such as the arts, physical education, or secondary education

3) If you're already teaching, many school districts reward your degree with additional salary. Over the course of a 30-year career, this can make a huge difference. (At my school, retirement is calculated based on your salary during the last few years of your career, so extra academic credits yield both better salary and a better retirement. Win-win-win.)

Great. What are my options?

Colleges and universities seem to love to tinker with the names of their Master's degree programs. Don't let this confuse you. Here are some general guidelines:

Master of Arts (MA) -- An MA in Education typically refers to a classroom, practice-focused degree. It may also mean a focus in the arts, such as an MA in Theater Arts, etc., but that's not necessarily the case.

Master of Science (MS) -- Usually, an MS in Education is a degree that focuses on the science of learning, perhaps in psychology, neurology, or some related science area. These degrees may focus more on research and may prepare students for work outside the classroom.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) -- Simply another name for a degree in education. Because the degree name is more general, you'll want to do your homework to find out what the program focus is and make sure it applies to your particular interests.

Distance, Online,
On-Campus...Your Choice

This isn't your grandmother's grad school! Education has changed a great deal with new technologies, and that means getting your Masters degree education is easier, with great options and a lot of flexibility. Here's even better news: online and distance programs have become a respected way to learn. They are recognized for their rigor and many are known for excellent quality.

* Distance Education refers to attending a school that isn't necessarily located where you live. I earned my masters degree education at a distance learning program and loved it. We corresponded with professors during the academic year and attending two in-person, eight-day residencies annually. Schools set up distance learning programs in a variety of ways.

* Online Education means almost all your schooling takes place on the Internet. You'll have an interface that allows you to stay in touch with professors and peers, and you may do chat rooms, video chat (such as Skype), online lectures or presentations, and more. This can be very convenient for working professionals and parents.

* Campus-Based Programs mean you are part of an in-person school community. This can be wonderful for building a personal network, especially if you intend to continue your career in the community where the school is located. Many campus-based programs today offer some "hybrid" options so that some coursework can be done online.

In my distance learning program, I learned a lot, got a respected degree, and ended up with a fantastic teaching job!

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