Why hire a tutor? Because everyone is doing it.

Parents often wonder, why hire a tutor when my child is doing just fine in school?

True, tutors often help students who need to catch up. But that doesn't account for the astronomical rise in the global tutoring market, estimated to reach $100 billion worldwide by 2017, according to TransWorldNews.com.

Tutoring for high-achieving students

Instead, as education systems in the U.S., Canada, and Europe falter, parents are turning to tutors to keep high-achieving kids ahead. A recent survey of more than 5,000 Canadian parents suggests that “parents are increasingly involved in doing whatever they can to position their children in the best possible way for success in their working lives" according to TheGlobeAndMail.com.

Tutoring markets are booming across Asia-Pacific, notes TransWorldNews.com, as parents compete to get their kids ahead in an extremely competitive education system. The economic rise of India and China has led to new opportunities, and many Asian parents are determined to help their children succeed globally.

Tutoring in the U.S.

While the U.S. may be a bit behind Canada and Europe in its demand for tutoring, it's not far behind. The No Child Left Behind Act mandates tutoring for many U.S. schools. But perhaps more important, as parents recognize the global competition their children face, they are turning to graduates of top schools and online tutoring resources for help.

How to hire a tutor

High-achieving students need tutors to keep them engaged and focused on school. But other students certainly need tutoring help, too. Children who are falling behind in school due to learning differences, health problems, or other challenges benefit from the support of a one-on-one learning coach.

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