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I think fun math games are one of the best ways to help your child catch up or keep up in mathematics. Throughout this site, I've compiled my best math help resources. Here's a new favorite: a package of printable math board games, card games, print and play game worksheet, and game Ideas you can access from your computer. It is a truly inspiring collection and would be a huge asset to a parent who wants to help a child or for a professional tutor who wants to make math fun.

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Help with math homework: my top tips

Professors and teachers may be willing to meet one-on-one with students. Check into office hours or after-school meeting times.

At college, teaching assistants may also offer individual help, or students may have access to an on-campus tutoring lab. A few cutting-edge institutions even offer their students online tutoring. Ask around, and don’t be shy! Lots of great tutoring resources don’t get used because students don’t know they exist.

In K-12 grades, student teachers could be a good resource for struggling students. Parents may also be willing to serve as volunteer tutors.

If you belong to a religious organization, ask about tutoring help there.

Look online for free tutoring resources. For example, 826 Valencia is a nonprofit that offers tutoring and other help for low-income students to students in some urban areas.

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To find out more about the math games package, Click Here!

Math Games

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Make Math Learning Fun for Young Kids

A trip to the moon helps twins Tad and Lily learn all about math, including: Counting, sorting, patterns, games, four sing-alongs, and more! Perfect for ages 3-6.