Sylvan Learning Centers: How They Work

sylvan learning centers

Sylvan Learning Centers can be an excellent tutoring resource. The key to getting good help there is understanding how their programs work and how to negotiate for the best.

The advantage to Sylvan is that it is a huge tutoring franchise, so in any given community the center will have contacts to a lot of qualified tutors, It also means that you want to scope out your local Sylvan Learning Center--don't assume it's exactly the same as another one nearby.

First Steps

It's important to understand what tutoring your child needs and think ahead of time about your expectations for tutoring. Long or short term? Algebra or English--or both? Are study skills the real issue, or does your child need high-level academic support? The answers to these questions will determine what help you need.

Next, visit the center in person and meet with a program director. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the system, package plans, and more. You can get a good price on various learning support services by using the package deals, but only if that meets your needs best. Ask questions until you understand the options thoroughly.

If you are offered testing services, first check with your child's school to see if these services may be offered there for free.

Getting Started with Sylvan

Sylvan Learning Centers

After you've scoped out your local center, ask to meet the tutor who will be assigned to work with your child. Talk to him or her to get a sense of personality and expertise. Remember, you are hiring this person for an important service!

Feel free to ask for a different tutor if you find the person your child is seeing isn't the right fit. You don't need to apologize for requesting a change, of course, but an explanation could be helpful to the program director.

Do you prefer to have your tutor come to you?

Sylvan students typically visit the office for their sessions. If you'd prefer to have an in-home tutor, I've compiled information about that, too.
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