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Praise for Be a Great Tutor

by Erin Quinn O'Briant, MFA

“[F]ull of inspiring stories, ideas, and genuine help…. I plan on using these teachings techniques in my future work. [Be a Great Tutor] is a valuable book for tutors and teachers at a time when creative teaching and education is so important.”
Dorothy Dyer, MA Architecture, University of New Mexico;
MA Education, Harvard University

“Be a Great Tutor is as warm, encouraging, and clear in its advice as one would hope a tutor to be. I recommend this book for seasoned classroom teachers as well as for tutors who are just starting out. It offers gems for all levels of experience.”
Susan Gold, MA, high school teacher

Be a Great Tutor - Now in Paperback
Be a Great Tutor: The Inspiring Guide to Tutoring All Ages by Erin Quinn O'Briant, MFA, is the must-have resource for tutors who want to be the best.
Be a Great Tutor eBook
Learn to be a great tutor with the inside guide for tutoring success. Online tutor profile and resource guide FREE with ebook! Join the experts.
All About Education
The All About Education Blog: insider info for parents and tutors. Topics: find a tutor, starting a tutoring business, tutoring jobs, online master's degrees in education, and more.
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Why hire a tutor? In the global competition for the best education, parents are hiring tutors to help high-achieving students stay ahead.
Home Tutoring Service
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Test Preparation
Good test preparation can make all the difference. The author of <i>Be a Great Tutor</i> explains how to prepare and who can help.
English Tutoring
How to get English tutoring, including free resources and low-cost options
Online Tutors
How to get effective help from online tutors
Help with Math Homework
Get help with math homework with tips and advice from a tutoring expert.
Science Homework Help
Get science homework help for long-term success
Spanish Language Tutoring
Discover resources for Spanish language tutoring, in person and online, from a tutoring expert and Spanish student.
Elementary Tutoring | Early Success Makes All the Difference
Inside info on finding elementary tutoring for your child's success. An expert tutor explains how.
Sylvan Learning Centers: Insider Advice from an Expert Tutor
If you understand how they function, Sylvan Learning Centers can be an excellent way to get academic support. The author of Be a Great Tutor explains how.
Tutoring Centers
A free directory of tutoring centers in the United States, plus info on choosing the best tutor and successful sessions.
Find a Tutor
How to find a tutor, plus listings for academic support centers and independent tutors.
Independent Tutors Listing
Search a comprehensive free listing of independent tutors by location, and get expert tips on finding the right one from the author of Be a Great Tutor. In-home, office, and online tutoring available.
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A tutor is a huge help! I've got an amazing searchable list of high school tutors in every subject you can think of. Get started now!
Physics Tutoring - Get Practical Help Now
Get practical, expert physics tutoring right away. Whether you prefer to search a database of 40,000 local tutors or work online, you're covered here! Let's get started.
Find a Statistics Tutor Right Now
Need a statistics tutor? No problem. Find local tutors in your area, great online options, and advice on working with a tutoring center. Get started on stats now.
Free Online Education Degree Information
Search top schools, then get free online Education degree information here. Insider advice on Education degrees and what they can do for you. Let's get started!
Search Schools for Education Degree Programs
Search Schools for Education Degree Programs Today!
Bachelor of Education Degree
A Bachelor of Education degree can open the door to your career in teaching. Make a difference for kids! Find out more about the degree you need here.
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Online degrees in Education are a respected way to advance your teaching career while working or caring for kids. Search the top programs and get insider advice here.
Online Graduate Degree in Education: Get Your Degree!
Take it from an educator: how an online graduate degree in education can benefit your career, key questions to ask, and top programs to get you started now.
Masters Degree Education
Take your teaching to the next level with a masters degree education. Excellent options abound. Find them here--let's get started!
Master of Education Degree Online
Flexible and highly respected, a Master of Education degree online is an excellent chance to move your teaching career forward. Search select listings and find the best school for you.
Doctoral Degree in Education
A doctoral degree in Education can lead to careers in administration, university teaching, research, and more. Get the inside scoop and find the best programs.
Online Doctorate Degree in Education
An online doctorate degree in Education can lead to careers in administration, university teaching, teacher prep, and more. Search the best programs and get insider advice.
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Education Degree Programs at the University of Phoenix
Respected Education degrees in a variety of specialties from the University of Phoenix. Learn more and request free information now.
Free Tutor Profile on
A free tutor profile is available on, the only site with insider info for parents and tutors. Build your business absolutely free.
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Expert Advice on Starting a Tutoring Business
Tutoring Books
Reader reviews of tutoring books. Find out which books are best and share your own reviews.
Tutoring Jobs
Tutoring Jobs: Where to Find Them
Tips for Tutors
Free Tips for Tutors from the book Be a Great Tutor
Tutoring News
Tutoring news plus advice and resources for academic support from a tutoring expert
Tutoring Success Stories
Does tutoring work? Yes! Share your own tutoring success stories here.
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Links to Education and Tutoring Sites
ACT Prep Help | Inside Info from a Tutoring Expert
ACT prep resources and advice. Prepare for the test and raise your score with insider info from the author of Be a Great Tutor.
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Favorite SAT online prep strategies and resources from the author of Be a Great Tutor. You can raise SAT scores with the right preparation!
Reading Help | Resources from an expert tutor
Reading help is here. Tutoring expert and author Erin Quinn O'Briant has compiled top-quality resources for academic success. Site includes advice on finding and working with the right tutor.
Fun math games | Favorite games from an expert tutor
Favorite fun math games from the author of Be a Great Tutor. 450 printable games, plus a site full of help with math homework.
Math Help Online | An expert tutor reveals the best resources
Math help online: it's here! An expert tutor shares the best math resource available for all ages, plus tips and tricks for making math help count.
How to Learn Spanish Online | An expert tutor's secrets to language success!
How to learn Spanish online. An expert tutor explains how to get the most from online learning and reveals the best and most cost-effective language learning system.
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