Physics tutoring
may save the day

When your child is struggling in class, physics tutoring can be a huge relief. It's a subject that is best understood with human interaction. I've assembled some great choices for you here and some top questions to ask a new tutor or the director of a learning center.


1) Try searching a database of 40,000 qualified local tutors. Just enter "physics" and email your favorites.

2) Visit a Sylvan Learning Center. Sometimes tutoring centers have wonderful resources, including diagnostic tests, and can provide some affordable package plans.

3) For students who are Internet-savvy and concentrate well on the computer, online tutoring can be a great option, too.

Let's get started. Search local physics tutors here

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Interested in working with a center? Try Sylvan

Sylvan Learning Centers are located throughout the United States and offer a range of quality services. Be sure to ask about package pricing that may make comprehensive one-on-one coaching more affordable.

I've assembled a page of best practices for working with Sylvan.

What about online tutoring?

For science homework help, online tutoring can be a very useful resource. Chat services such as Skype make connecting simple and easy. Prices are often quite affordable, too. The drawback for some students is that they may get distracted while working online, and it's a little harder to establish a personal connection over a computer. But this can be a great option nonetheless.

Of course, there's a page on my site about that, too.

What to ask your prospective tutor

Once you've chosen three tutors that seem like a good fit, it's time to ask some key questions. Here are my top four for physics tutoring:

1) How many courses have you taken in physics?

2) When was the last time you taught/tutored this subject?

3) What do you like about physics?

4) What do you think makes physics difficult to learn and how do you address that issue?

And, of course, when you find the right one, the question is: When can you start?

Here's to your success in sciences!

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