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Independent tutors are available just about everywhere. The trick is finding a good one. Don't worry, I've got 40,000 for you to choose from!

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I ran my own academic support coaching business for a couple of years, and I loved it. I had terrific students and the flexibility to choose the families and subjects that best fit my strengths. If you're looking for personalized, one-on-one help, bear in mind that many of the best homework helpers are working on their own--but they're busy with their students, so you may have to search for them!

If you need academic support, I hope this listing will make your life a little easier. When you find some you like, email your top three or four with followup questions.

You might want to ask...

* How do you usually work with students?

* What learning styles do you work with best?

* Why do you love the subject you're teaching?

* When and where are you available for sessions?

* What successes have you had with students in this subject or skill area?

and, if you like the answers, the next question is ...

* When can you start? :) I've compiled a list of tips for finding one-on-one academic support and homework help and using your sessions successfully. View my tips! Link from Independent Tutors to Find a Tutor here.

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