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Need English tutoring for your college term paper? Or is your child struggling with writing and reading assignments? Let's get started figuring out what help you need and where to find it. I've incorporated a database of 40,000 verified professional tutors into this site. All you have to do is enter subject and zip code, find the tutors you like, and email a few. Get started right now!

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Step 1: What Kind of Help Do You Need?

English is a broad topic. Try to narrow down to specific trouble spots. Are you having trouble with academic reading? Are your papers disorganized, too sparse, or poorly focused? If writing is a problem, try to pinpoint exactly what part(s) of the process cause trouble.

Step 2: Explore All Free Resources

* Professors and teachers may be willing to meet one-on-one with students. Check into office hours or after-school meeting times.

* At college, teaching assistants may also offer individual help, or students may have access to an on-campus tutoring lab. A few cutting-edge institutions even offer their students online tutoring. Ask around, and don’t be shy! Lots of great tutoring resources don’t get used because students don’t know they exist.

* In K-12 grades, student teachers could be a good resource for struggling students. Parents may also be willing to serve as volunteer tutors.

* If you belong to a religious organization, ask about tutoring help there.

* Low-income families may qualify for free tutoring resources. For example, 826 Valencia is a nonprofit that offers tutoring and other help for students.
The downside of free tutoring is that you may not get what you need. Volunteer tutors may have many other commitments, be poorly trained, or be unable to provide long-term assistance. Tutoring centers on college campuses tend to offer limited session times. Professional help may be the better solution.

Step 3: Get More Support If You Need It

Not all tutors are created equal.

If you want the best English tutoring, look for someone with a BA or Master’s degree in English (or Writing or Composition) and a year or two (minimum) experience teaching or tutoring.

Of course, people with those qualifications are often teaching their own classes, so they can be a little tough to find—and you’ll have to lure yours with competitive fees. A respected tutoring center in your area will be able to locate some good English tutors.

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College students, especially English majors, may be a good source of academic support. They’ll charge less than a top-notch writing or reading tutor, and some are no doubt future teachers with a knack for helping others. A college junior or senior who has written a lot of “A” term papers can help most K-12 students and first- or second-year college students. But bear in mind, even advanced college students are not experts (yet) and likely have no teaching experience.

Peer tutors are another possibility. You may be able to find a peer to help you with English while you help him or her with math. You could also join a peer study group.

Online tutoring is another option. Click here for more information about online tutors.

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Help with English is here. Search WyzAnt.

Help with English is literally right around the corner. Find excellent local tutors here. Search, email your favorites, and breathe a sigh of relief!

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