Tutoring jobs: options for employment

If you’re looking for tutoring jobs, you may be in luck. Tutoring has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, and expert tutors are often in high demand. These days, you can even get jobs on Twitter.

Working for a tutoring center

• A tutoring center—such as Kaplan or Sylvan Learning Center—will provide tutoring clients, manage the schedule, collect payment, and (usually) provide an office. The down side? They take a cut of the tutoring fees. Some tutoring centers may send you to do home tutoring, which will likely require you to drive; you may not be compensated for travel time. If you’d like to work for a tutoring center, these are issues to explore ahead of time. A tutoring center is a great place to get experience and build your credentials, and for many tutors the stability of these tutoring jobs is worth the few drawbacks.

Rates: In an urban area (such as San Francisco), expect to make $20-$40 per hour at tutoring jobs depending on your area of expertise. You probably won’t get benefits, and prep time may not be included in your fee.

Tutoring jobs at a school or college

• I worked as a tutor at City College of San Francisco for two and a half years, and it was a good job. I got full health benefits even though I was part-time, and it provided great exposure to classroom teaching. Hour-by-hour, it paid much less than private tutoring, though. (Similar tutoring positions are sometimes available in K-12 schools, too.)

Rates: I received $19.22 per hour, 25 hours per week during the school year. A good rate, but remember—this is a union job in a major urban area.

Private tutoring

• Because that position was part time, it allowed me the flexibility to become a highly paid private tutor. The upside was that I got to keep all my earnings and was always free to accept or refuse a job. I also had to learn to Rates: A few years ago, I routinely charged $80 per hour in San Francisco for writing tutoring (I had just gotten my master’s degree, FYI). That rate included my travel time to a student’s home. Advanced math and science tutors charge more--$100 per session is common. Experts in college admissions can get $125 and up, but you’ll need great testimonials and true expert status.

If you’re willing to manage the business end, private tutoring can be a great job.

Online tutoring

• In my experience, online tutoring is much less lucrative than in-person one-on-one support. That's because brilliant tutors all over the world are available online, and many live in countries where $10 American dollars is a lot of money!

I once applied to a place that only wanted applicants with master’s degrees and doctorates. (This must be a great gig, I thought. Wrong!) They offered me the job, and little more than the American minimum wage. Not a good fit for me, but a great fit for someone in a different part of the world.

Leave home for excellent opportunities

Speaking of teaching around the world, here's a great idea: leave home! If you want to travel, teaching English in a non-English-speaking country can be a great option. Find out more about tutoring in Japan on this info-packed site:

How to Teach English in Japan
At How to Teach English in Japan, readers get the straight story on getting a great teaching position in Japan, plus information about living and traveling Japan.

What to do when you get the job

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People like tutoring jobs online.

Wow--the global tutoring market is booming.

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