Tutoring Jobs Online: 95% Satisfaction

Tutoring jobs online are a great way to use your academic skills and make a difference for students. Here's an interesting press release on job satisfaction.

New York (PRWEB) May 18, 2011

Tutor.com released today the results from the company’s annual survey sent to the 2,000+ tutors who provide more than one million live, one-to-one online tutoring and homework help sessions each school year to American students. Approximately 77% of tutors participated and more than 95% report they are satisfied or very satisfied with their tutoring jobs online at Tutor.com.

The high satisfaction ratings are even more impressive since the tutors in this large network work remotely from their own homes and offices. Tutors are managed with a combination of Tutor.com staff, Tutor Mentors, Senior Tutor Mentors and online tools specifically designed for a large, geographically dispersed work force.Tutors answered questions regarding the support, resources and software provided by Tutor.com. They are overwhelmingly satisfied in the areas described below:

93.1% with provided resources

94.0% with the feedback provided by their mentor

94.9% with the level of communication from Tutor.com

90.6% with the online classroom software

93.5% with their interactions with Tutor Support

93.2% with the students’ overall educational experience

Tutor.com’s commitment to high quality learning was the catalyst to create a one-of-a-kind mentoring program for its network of workers doing tutoring jobs online. At Tutor.com, every tutor is assigned a Tutor Mentor who reviews their sessions and offers constructive feedback to enhance their learning engagements with students. Tutor Mentors are highly experienced online tutors who themselves have the opportunity to become Senior Tutor Mentors and part-time employees with Tutor.com. This layered approach to professional growth for tutors has created a 95% recommend rate from students and a 95% job satisfaction rate among tutors.

Tutoring jobs online are an ideal position for men and women who require flexibility and a remote work environment. Tutors can work from anywhere and choose their own hours. Approximately 10% of the tutors are affiliated with the military in some way, most often as a spouse or retiree. Military families move often and Tutor.com allows a spouse stationed in San Antonio, Texas to keep tutoring when she is re-located to Ramstein, Germany. Flexibility is also key for teachers and professionals on leave to care for young children, or current teachers who tutor in the evening hours.

“Tutor.com is much more organized and better suited to the online environment than any other company. The classroom is awesome and is the best I've used. The company organization is superb and works to fully 'train' tutors in their subject in the best way possible--by letting them work and get the experience they need. The emphasis on student security and the focus on education rather than sales makes Tutor.com by far the best of the best,” responded a tutor in the survey.

“We’re working with more tutors and students than ever before as schools, the military and public libraries continue to see the value of offering on-demand, one-to-one help to students,” explained Joan Rooney, Vice President of Instruction. “It’s good to get validation that our mentoring program and quality control processes are working for tutors and giving them the tools to be the best educators they can be.”

Tutor.com is currently recruiting physics tutors, chemistry tutors, calculus tutors and statistics tutors for the 2011-2012 school year. Visit http://www.tutor.com/apply for additional information.

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