My Favorite SAT Online Prep Resource

If you like learning on the computer, SAT Online Prep may be the way to go. I've searched for the most effective ways to help students prepare for major exams, and I've found a new favorite for the SAT.

Know yourself, know your resources for SAT success

First, ask yourself some key questions about your study methods. Be honest with yourself! Pretending that you'll study every morning when you know you won't really do it is a setup for failure.1. How have you studied for a major test successfully in the past?

2. What study strategies seem to work better for you--writing things down, playing games, reviewing materials, having conversations about subjects, seeing visual reminders, or something else?

3. How can you rally social support for your standardized test prep project? Yes, your mom wants you to pass the bar, but that kind of pressure isn't all that helpful. If you get friends and family excited about your study plan and supporting you in keeping it going, however, your chances for success increase dramatically.

4. How much structure do you need? Lots of options exist: classes, tutoring, study groups, workbooks, online programs, and more. If you're highly self-disciplined, a workbook and a few practice tests may be enough. But many people need extra support in the form of classes or one-on-one coaching.

Testing support options

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to get help on the SAT. Many people prefer the personal support of a test prep tutor--and some great ones are out there.

Here's my page on tips for finding a tutor.

Here's my page on working with a tutoring center.

Use my favorite online SAT prep program (it's much cheaper than hiring a tutor)

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