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Adults seeking remedial math instruction to restore lost math skills.

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Companies seeking SCORM compliant math courseware to improve the math competency of their employees. Math Foundation works seamlessly with any SCORM based Learning Management System (LMS) to provide management tracking of test scores and course progress.

Schools, colleges and adult learning centers seeking SCORM compliant basic mathematics and pre-algebra courseware.

Home school students and distance learners.

High school students requiring a remedial math program .

Job seekers preparing for math proficiency tests.

And anyone wishing to learn math online easily and enjoyably.

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"This is the best math course I have ever taken. The key is that you learn one operation at a time, and then immediately practice that operation many times. The site is very easy to navigate, the animations are clear and helpful, and it’s so much fun that it’s hard to stop once you get started. I completed the entire course in 3 weeks! Thanks!"David McCumber - New Mexico

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