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These days, online degrees in Education are an excellent option for those who want to advance their careers in teaching and educational administration. You can learn from home during evenings, weekends, and even your child's naptime!

To get started, first narrow down your interests. Are you interested in...

* An Early Childhood Education degree?

* Teaching Elementary school?

* Specialty areas such as physical education, health, special ed, or the arts?

Once you've decided what interests you, it's time to do some research! After all, school is a big commitment, and you want to go to the best place for you. Thanks to online universities, you have a range of excellent options.

I've culled some of the best for this site, and I've also provided an easy-to-use search box. Just click for more info and get those brochures sent to you. Then spend some time going over them. Feel free to contact the university admissions department to follow up. They're happy to answer questions for prospective students. If you take the time to research thoroughly now, it will pay off in a successful school experience for you down the road.

Bachelor's Degree, Master's, or Doctorate?

I've compiled helpful information about various levels of online degrees in Education.

Are you ready for...

* An online Bachelor's degree in Education?

* A Master's degree to advance your teaching career?

* Or a doctorate to launch yourself to the top?

How online education works

When you study online, you send and receive coursework through your institution's online system. These are generally easy to use, and your school will offer instructions and tech support to help you get started. You're likely to have online lectures, class chats/discussions, presentations, and more -- all the things you like best about a classroom setting, but from the comfort and convenience of home.

How much do I have to know about computers?

Good news: you do NOT have to be a computer genius to succeed in online doctoral degree education!

You will need to:

* Send and receive email

* Conduct research online (your program will provide training in this, usually from your university's library experts)

* Participate in a chat room online

* Use video chat functions, such as Skype

* Use basic MS Word or similar programs, such as MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel

See? It's not so bad. Don't let a little bit of Internet catch-up stand in the way of your education!

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Top Education Degree Programs

I've hand-picked these degree programs for my site visitors. They are respected universities that offer an array of Education degrees. Just click to get information. You'll be glad you did your homework!

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