How to learn Spanish online:
Gringo no mas!

How to learn Spanish online? By using the best materials (and your own brainpower).

I search for the best programs to recommend to my site visitors. One of the big problems Spanish students (including me) face is the gap between the Spanish you learn in a class or program and the Spanish that's actually spoken in reality!

My favorite solution is the Learning Spanish Like Crazy program. The developer gathered his best Spanish teachers and asked them to develop a system to learn REAL (Latin American) Spanish. Learning Spanish Like Crazy is awesome.

It's a fantastic learning system that actually prepares you to speak to Spanish-speaking human beings (not to online robots or Spanish teachers).

The program has been hugely successful and you'll find lots of entertaining (and amazing) testimonials about how helpful Learning Spanish Like Crazy has been.

It's way cheaper than most Spanish learning systems.

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Learning Spanish Like Crazy Successes...the list goes on and on

One of many happy customer reviews
"I am very frugal, so I initially researched various Spanish language tools by reading countless reviews, and borrowing materials from the library; before finally deciding to purchase Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I have never regretted my decision! Patrick delivers on his promise. His method has finally enabled me to break out of beginner Spanish, while living in the Midwest! He is constantly improving the program, and his customer service is excellent! Each lesson builds on the next to gradually teach you to understand and converse with native speakers. My Latino friends have even commented on how quickly my Spanish is improving!"

--Leslie from Cincinnati, Ohio

...and another story about how to learn Spanish online...
"My story is the same as any other: Spent TONS of money on other Spanish programs (I had 10 total!), only to find out most of it is no longer used! Thank goodness I had bilingual employees who corrected me kindly and didn’t laugh at me! I found LSLC and at first thought it was too expensive; however, after my last frustration trying to speak to an employee and getting nowhere, I had had it! I bought LSLC and never looked back. The learning is simple and easy to remember and the weekly teleclasses are second to none. Now, I get praise from my employees for my effort to learn their language."

Carrie, West Lafayette, Indiana

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Help for Intermediate Spanish Speakers

If you've already started with this program and are ready to move on, you're in luck. They've introduced a Level Two for advanced speakers that takes your non-"gringo" Spanish to the next step.

Ready for Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 2? Click here.

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