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There are dozens of great reasons to pursue a doctorate in Education online. Professionally speaking, a doctorate is the best way for educators to advance to the highest levels -- becoming principals, college administrators, school superintendents, researchers, and more. And now that respected universities offer a variety of excellent programs online, it's more possible than ever to fulfill your other responsibilities while earning that doctorate.

How to choose the right university for your doctorate

With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out which university is best for you. No problem! I've selected five top institutions (look to your right), and you can click on any of them to get free information about their programs. There's a customized search box at the top of this page - use it to search for even more degree doctoral education online opportunities.

I highly recommend taking the time to do your homework before choosing. You are making a big commitment to your university, and there may be subtle differences among them that make a big difference for your life. For example, how do the online courses work? Will you be required to meet online at certain times, or do you always work around your existing schedule? What are the university's graduation rates? What careers are their graduates entering?

It's easy and absolutely free to find out. Just request info from four to five top schools, then sit down with all the information at home and go through it carefully. Once you've narrowed down to two or three, give the admissions staff a call. They'll be happy to answer your follow-up questions.

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