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Earning a distance education masters degree is a great idea. I did it, and it literally changed my life--and my career.

You may be wondering about the differences among distance, on-campus, and online programs. Here's a quick run-down:

* Distance Education refers to attending a school that isn't necessarily located where you live. I earned my MFA at a distance learning program and loved it. We corresponded with professors during the academic year and attending two in-person, eight-day residencies annually. Schools set up distance learning programs in a variety of ways and do their best to accommodate students' busy schedules.

* Online Education means almost all your schooling takes place on the Internet. You'll have an interface that allows you to stay in touch with professors and peers, and you may do chat rooms, video chat (such as Skype), online lectures or presentations, and more. This can be very convenient for working professionals and parents.

* Campus-Based Programs mean you are part of an in-person school community. This can be wonderful for building a personal network, especially if you intend to continue your career in the community where the school is located. Many campus-based programs today offer some "hybrid" options so that some coursework can be done online.

How to find the right distance-learning program for you

One of my favorite parts of earning my master's degree through a distance-learning program was the individual attention I received. I was not one of 40 faces in a classroom. Instead, I was one of just a few students per advising group and I had my professors' full attention.

The key to success with distance learning is to get to know the people you'll be studying with. Remember, the admissions staff and program directors want to find the students who will be successful with their faculty, so they want to help you and answer your questions.

Start your research now! There are many highly respected programs to choose from for your distance education masters degree. Distance learning is an excellent way to earn a degree. I've assembled favorites on this site. Use the search box here or click on the institutions listed here and contact programs for free information. They'll be happy to hear from you, and you'll be glad you did your homework.

Here's to your success!

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