What can a doctorate degree education do for you?

doctorate degree education

Thinking of earning a doctorate degree education? That's a smart move. If you're already an educator, an Ed.D.or Ph.D. can help you make exciting career transitions. A few options include:

* School principal

* District superintendent

* Professor of Education at a university

* Consultant for education organizations, including advocacy groups

* Director of an education-related nonprofit

* College or university administrator

The list goes on, but that gives you a general idea of the options awaiting you.

You may be wondering how to choose between an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. I've created a page that explains the differences between the two degrees.

Online or on campus? You choose.

Because so many people who want to earn a doctorate degree education are already working in the field, universities have worked to create programs you can fit into your busy life. You can find traditional doctoral programs in Education, in which you attend class daily. But many excellent online options exist, too.

When you study online, you're still part of a thriving university community and you still earn a respected doctorate degree education. The main difference is that you do your work from home. Studying evenings and weekends, some people earn doctorates in just two or three years, though you can decide the right pace for you.

If you're curious about online learning, link from Doctorate Degree Education to my page on online doctorates here.

Search, get info, then decide

My best advice for those considering a doctorate in Education is this: gather your information first! You are making a big commitment and you want to make sure the institution you choose has all the resources you need. With so many extraordinary programs to choose from, you can be picky.

I've chosen a few in the right-hand column to get you started, and the search box I've provided below will allow you to narrow down options among hundreds of programs. Send away for information from several that appeal to you, then read the materials and make your decision carefully. This is one time you'll be glad you did your homework.

Here's to your success!

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