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Powered by WyzAnt TutoringHome tutors are a great way to get help with math. There's nothing like one-on-one help to help a student feel comfortable and ready to learn, and being able to ask questions of an expert makes a huge difference. One of the best things about personal tutoring is that it goes at the student's pace -- unlike classrooms, which often must go at the group's pace instead. The search box above is an excellent place to start looking for local tutors. Just plug in your zip code, narrow down to the specific math area of concern, and bingo!

Would you rather find math help online? No problem.

There's lots of help online. Video services such as Skype make connecting simple and easy. Prices are often quite affordable, too. For example, many online sites allow you to pay a flat fee of about $100 per month for unlimited tutoring! Other sites charge low rates (how's $9.99 per hour?!)

The drawback for some students is that they may get distracted while working online, and it's a little harder to establish a personal connection over a computer. But this can be a great option nonetheless.

I've created a page on how to work with online tutors.

Help with math is also available at tutoring centers

You'll want to visit your local tutoring center to find out more, or check some out online. After you've scoped out your local center, ask to meet the individual who will be assigned to work with your child. Talk to him or her to get a sense of personality and expertise. Remember, you are hiring this person for an important service!Feel free to ask for a different tutor if you find the person your child is seeing isn't the right fit. You don't need to apologize for requesting a change, of course, but an explanation could be helpful to the program director. If you want to know more about tutoring centers, link from Help with Math to my page on working with Sylvan Learning Centers.

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