Kaplan Continuing Education Connects with Students Online through Social Media Sites Facebook and Twitter

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Kaplan Continuing Education is now able to connect with students through the use of social media websites Facebook and Twitter. Education is changing and Kaplan Continuing Education continues to adapt and make online continuing education more convenient.

By utilizing the social media websites Twitter and Facebook, education experiences are changing. Present and future students will be able to build relationships and review online information for Kaplan Continuing Education’s different career training programs.

“Social media has become another way students are able to learn about online education and career program training. Kaplan Continuing Education has established these pages to start engaging students by enabling conversations about online continuing education,” said Ron Trautman, president of Kaplan Continuing Education.

“Twitter and Facebook have changed education, they have changed the way people communicate and learn. We encourage those who are eager to achieve great things with education to become a fan and follow Kaplan Continuing Education’s other social media pages to begin interacting with past and present students.”

About Kaplan Continuing Education

Kaplan Continuing Education (KCE) provides online continuing educational services and training to professionals. The Company is dedicated to providing quality and accessible employee training and development to today's busy professionals. KCE offers certificate programs in key areas of business, finance, health care, information technology, and fire and EMS to help you build a stronger, more knowledgeable team. These programs assist companies with Web-based professional business education solutions. For more information about these programs, some of which may prepare you for certification exams, visit http://www.KaplanSolutions.com.

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