Math (K-Calculus II) and Physics Tutor for All Ages and Learning Styles

by Shannon Young
(Beavercreek, OH, USA)

My USAFA graduation

My USAFA graduation

I live in Beavercreek OH and am willing to travel up to 15 miles on a weeknight or 30 on a Sunday for an extra charge (to cover gas)

Starting in 2001 I began tutoring algebra. All through middle and high school I informally tutored my friends. After high school I began tutoring a little more formally while attending the Air Force Academy. In 2010 I volunteered for about 2 hours every week tutoring a class of 1st-8th graders in math at a small private school. Additionally I tutored high school students in algebra, trigonometry and geometry. Most recently my geometry student had a 70% in her class when she started with me, and after the final two months later had raised her grade to a high B. Finally I led study sessions for calculus I and II students before tests at the Air Force Academy often leading a classroom of 30 students at a time.

I typically use an almost socratic method of tutoring. I like to break down the task (whether it be math or something else) into a series of simple questions. I ask each question one at a time until the student understands the answer then I move on to the next question. This method ensures I am not giving the student the answer and also helps them develop an understanding of the process used to get to the answer. If one path of reasoning does not work, I am also quite good at coming up with an alternate or creative explanation. I love to use visual aids to include creating scenarios complete with props to illustrate concepts. This is particularly useful when I am tutoring science.

My rates depend on the level of difficulty and amount of preparation necessary for me to help as well as the number of students (I am willing to tutor almost any size group). With these considerations my rates range any where from 20$/hr for a private session at a low level to 100$/hr for a large group at a high level. Your definition of a large group is as good as mine, let's talk!

My email is and my phone is 503-510-0016 but I respond better to email because I am also an officer in the United States Air Force and work during the day.

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