One on One Tutoring: A Great Option

One on one tutoring is the way many students learn best. If your child is struggling in school, I highly recommend finding a qualified, patient tutor for him or her. As a former tutor, I've seen individual academic coaching change lives for the better.

I've assembled some great choices for you here and some top questions to ask a new tutor or the director of a learning center.Options:

1) Try searching a database of 40,000 qualified local tutors. Just enter your subject area and email your favorites.

2) Visit a Sylvan Learning Center. Sometimes tutoring centers have wonderful resources, including diagnostic tests, and can provide some affordable package plans.

3) For students who are Internet-savvy and concentrate well on the computer, online tutoring can be a great option, too.

Let's start with local tutors. Here are 40,000 to choose from

Don't worry, it's not as overwhelming as it seems! With so many to choose from, you'll narrow down by subject and location. You can look up student feedback for each tutor and email them directly to find out more about their services. I've partnered with WyzAnt to provide this service to my visitors. One reason I love their organization is that you can pay securely through them, and they verify all the tutors they list.

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What about online options?

You can get great on on one tutoring online.

For almost any subject, online coaching can be a very useful resource. Chat services such as Skype make connecting simple and easy. Prices are often quite affordable, too. For example, many online sites allow you to pay a flat fee of about $100 per month for unlimited tutoring! The drawback for some students is that they may get distracted while working online, and it's a little harder to establish a personal connection over a computer. But this can be a great option nonetheless.

I've got a useful page on getting academic help on the Internet here.

Sylvan Learning Centers are another good choice

One on One Tutoring

There are many tutoring centers to choose from, but Sylvan has many U.S. locations and has been around a long time. They have access to great tutors in any given area and they offer package plans that can make one on one tutoring more affordable.

Here's my take on working effectively with Sylvan.

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