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Algebra Tutoring

Online algebra tutoring can be a huge help to students. Not only is e-learning becoming easier and more convenient, for students who concentrate well on the computer, an online tutor can be very affordable.

A good algebra tutor will be able to spot weak spots and help the student correct them. Diagnostic math tests are sometimes an important part of this process. Because math is cumulative, a simple misunderstanding from early on may affect learning for years.

Many of these tutors are able to work online via Skype. Email your top three today and get started ASAP.

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What you need to know about online algebra tutoring

The key to success with all math help is to make sure the tutor actually teaches HOW to do the problems and the principles behind the solutions. (A person who gives answers to homework questions may be convenient, but won't help your child in the long run.)

If the tutor doesn’t thoroughly teach the math involved during the session, the student may be several steps ahead with that assignment—and several steps behind in the class overall. This is essentially a waste of time and money.

When you're working online, it's also important to make sure the tutor can keep your child engaged in the lesson and learning continuously. Don't set your child up for failure: only try online tutoring with a child who is able to concentrate while working on line and who is motivated to learn.

Good math help, online or in person, is worth the investment in spades.

Make online algebra tutoring effective

• First, remember there are many levels of algebra. Make sure the person you're working with knows the type(s) of algebra being studied and, if possible, what the student’s difficulties are.

• Find a supportive "coach" who is willing to be patient. Good tutors know about math anxiety and can help students cope with it.

• Take the long view. That doesn’t mean years of sessions, necessarily, but bear in mind that two meetings won’t likely have a long-term effect on learning. Consider weekly sessions for at least a couple of months and then review progress.

Where to find good algebra tutoring online

Online organizations are the best place to find algebra tutors, because highly trained math teachers around the world can offer their expertise, usually at a fraction of the in-person price.

Some of the best e-tutoring companies are based in India and China. If you’re a native English speaker, ask for a tutor with excellent English skills. If you and your tutor have real trouble understanding one another, you may have to ask for someone else, but be patient first. New accents can be a little challenging, but a positive cross-cultural connection online is a wonderful experience.

Note to night owls: online tutoring services are usually available 24 hours a day!

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