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You love kids. You want to teach professionally. And you have other responsibilities, right? Online options have become an excellent way to meet all your needs at once. There are great schools to choose from, and you work online in your own time. With a online Education Bachelors Degree, you'll have the respected degree you need without having to attend classes in person.

Some questions to help you get started

If you're thinking about earning an online Education Bachelors Degree, chances are you have lots of questions. I'm a teacher, and I'm here to help.

The first set of questions are for you:

What age(s) do you want to teach?

What subjects interest you? (If you already have a degree in a subject area, such as English or Science, you may want to focus on that along with your Bachelor of Education degree.)

What type of school would suit you best -- online, on-campus, or some hybrid? If you are working or a full-time parent, online or flexible options may work best for you.

Are you interested in teaching in a special area, such as health education, the arts, or physical education? If so, you'll want to find a program to suit your needs.

What are your career ambitions? Do you want to focus on classroom teaching, or are you also interested in curriculum and research?

Now it's time to do your homework

You have so many excellent options to choose from, but how will you pick? You'll need to do your research. Choose schools from the search box I've provided here or click on the selected schools to the right. Just give them your info and they'll send you lots of free information about their programs.

When you've got several good options, sit down to review them all. Be sure to ask follow-up questions with the admissions staff as needed. They'll be glad to hear from you, and you'll be glad you found the perfect school for you.

Bachelor's Degrees in Education

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