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Online homework help is available 24 hours a day and is as close as your computer. Before you get started, check out my suggestions for finding and working with the best.

Homework help is just the beginning: set yourself up for success

Sometimes your child just need help with one assignment. But be honest: is this difficulty part of a larger pattern? If so, an online tutor can be an effective and affordable solution.

If a student is Internet-savvy and concentrates well, getting academic support on the Internet works well. Rates are sometimes much cheaper than in-person help.

For example, I’ve enjoyed one-on-one online Spanish classes at a wonderful language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, called CETLALIC. With the currency exchange, the rate was only $15 an hour.

Technical requirements for online help

For most people, your set-up should involve a chat function, clear video (so you can see each other), and an excellent audio (sound) connection. Depending on the subject, file sharing may also be necessary.

My colleague Prashant Yadav, CEO of the India-based, which employs lots of Internet academic coaches, tells me his company has a system in which both teacher and student can look at (and make changes to) the same document together. A web-based “classroom” set-up such as theirs is ideal, but a simple Skype connection can work, too.

This type of academic support is only a good choice for students who are computer-proficient. You don’t have to be a computer genius, but Internet use, email, typing, and similar functions should be familiar.

Are you an online tutor? My book Be a Great Tutor includes a whole chapter on best practices.

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