Princeton Review Tutoring for Test Preparation

No doubt, Princeton Review tutoring is a great option for test preparation. After all, they're leaders in the field and know the standardized tests backward and forward. As a parent, you may be wondering what you can expect and whether Princeton Review is the best option. It is an excellent choice, but I'll help you explore others, too.

First, an overview of Princeton Review tutoring

* Individual tutoring - You can work one-on-one with a trained PR tutor on any test you can think of.
* Classes - Princeton Review offers classes to help students prepare for every test from the PSAT to the GRE. I'm pleased to offer you $100 off any of these tests! Save up to $100 when you prep with The Princeton Review.

* In-school instruction - You may be lucky enough to go to a school that offers PR programs to help college-bound high school students.
* Texts from PR - High-quality study materials are available, and just about all of them offer an online component. It's easy to log into their website to use their online study features.

Their pricing generally comes in a package, and rates start at $99. Princeton Review tutoring is certainly a fast-track to increasing scores for most students. In the long run, their prices are more than worthwhile for your child's success in school.

Free options for test prep review

When you sign up to take a standardized exam, the testing office may provide free study materials. Use them!

Visit your local library for free SAT, ACT, MCAT, or GRE workbooks. Most now offer computer and paper versions.

Browse an online retailer with lots of reviews to find the most effective workbooks, then check them out at your local library.

Create a study group. Find peers who are taking the same test and meet each week to study. You can help each other stay on track.

Link from Princeton Review Tutoring to my page of local test prep tutors near you.

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