Spanish Tutoring Online: Affordable, Effective, and Fun

Spanish tutoring online makes it possible to brush up your conversation skills with native speakers on a convenient schedule at very good rates.

Highly skilled Spanish professors all over the world are available via the Internet. The trick is finding the right one and making sure you (and your tutor) have the equipment you need.

I've compiled a few sites that offer quality Spanish instruction via Internet:

1. My favorite is CETLALIC , where I have studied both in person and online. I only wish I could go back for more soon. This school has a focus on social justice. Online lessons are $15 per hour USD.

2. Another resource for Spanish tutors is NuLengua, which offers a variety of tutors (including their photos) and very reasonable prices. The site indicates teaching specialities and levels for each of its tutors.

3. A large site is Study Spanish. It offers a variety of online tutorials and has a huge number of pages.

Before you get started, learn some best practices for studying online. You'll be glad you came prepared. Visit my page on online tutoring for my tips on making the most of online sessions of any sort.

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