Test Preparation Companies

test preparation companies

Your child has a big standardized exam coming up, and you're looking for test preparation companies that can help. You're in the right place! Extra help with a standardized test can mean great things for your child's future - a National Merit Scholarship, entry to the best colleges, scholarships, and much more. Don't leave your child to figure it out alone.

Almost every major tutoring service, and many independent tutors, can help with test preparation.

I have a lot of confidence in the Princeton Review. I have colleagues who have worked with the organization, and I believe they really know what they are doing when it comes to getting students ready for standardized exams. They offer a lot of different packages, including individual tutoring, classes, online options, books, and more. Because I think they're the best of the test preparation companies, I've partnered with Princeton Review to offer up to $100 off when you prep with The Princeton Review. I hope you'll find the extra money useful for sending your child to a great college!

Additional options for test preparation

There are other good ways to prepare for standardized tests, too. Many independent tutors specialize in test preparation. Visit this page and enter "test preparation" to search among local tutors who can help. If you do work with an independent tutor, get him or her a copy of my book, Be a Great Tutor, which includes a detailed and useful chapter on tutoring for tests.

Self-study with good preparation materials is another great option for students who can concentrate well. Only you know your child well enough to decide if this will work for him or her! A peer study group is another option. Remember, though, if your child is competing among the best and brightest, a professional test preparation program might be a wise move. Unfortunately, sometimes college entry and scholarship decisions revolve around just a point or two on a test.

If your child is suffering from math anxiety before taking a standardized test, here are some tips to help with math anxiety.

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