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Not all math tutors are created equal.

If you want the best help with math homework, look for someone with a BA or Master’s degree in Mathematics or a related field and a year or two (minimum) experience teaching or tutoring. Of course, people with those qualifications are often teaching their own classes, so they can be a little tough to find—and you’ll have to lure yours with highly competitive fees.

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College students, especially Math, Engineering, or Economics majors, may be a good source of academic support. Students can get help with math homework from them, and they’ll charge less than professional math tutors. Some are no doubt future teachers with a knack for helping others. But bear in mind, even advanced college students are not experts (yet) and likely have no teaching experience.

Peer tutors are another possibility. You may be able to find a peer to help you with math while you help her with English or another subject. You could also join a peer study group.

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