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It's easier to get a great physics tutor than ever before. I've partnered with WyzAnt to provide my visitors with their database of thousands of qualified science tutors, many with degrees from top institutions (MIT and Harvard come to mind). They're not just smart, though -- they know how to teach the subject. Physics is important for a lot of wonderful careers, so get the extra help you need to succeed.

All you have to do is type your zip code and specific subject into the boxes below, and start searching! Then email a few favorites, narrow down your choices, and make an appointment.

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What to ask a prospective physics tutor

When assessing whether a tutor is a good fit for your child, consider asking these questions:1. When is the last time you tutored someone [my age/my child's age] in physics?

2. How do you approach teaching physics?

3. How do you cope with students' anxiety?

4. What are your science and education credentials?

5. Why do you enjoy physics? Are you able to communicate your enthusiasm to students?

and, if it works out...


How much will one-on-one help cost?

Depending on where you get help, prices range dramatically. But tutoring physics is a specific skill set: you need someone with specific expertise in both science and one-on-one teaching.

If the cost is too high, peer tutors are another possibility. You may be able to find a peer to help you, for example, with sciences while you help him or her with math. You could also join a peer study group. Here's my take on current rates.

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