Need help finding tutoring on line?

I’m amazed by how easy it is to connect with high-quality tutoring on line in nearly any subject area.

If a student is Internet-savvy and concentrates well, on line tutoring can be a great solution. Rates are sometimes much cheaper than in-person tutoring.

I’ve enjoyed online Spanish tutoring at a wonderful language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, called CETLALIC. Their online tutors gave me a chance to practice with experienced—and patient—Spanish professors. With the currency exchange, the rate was only $15 an hour! (Click here for my page on tutoring fees.)

Chat, Video, Audio, and File Sharing

For most people, online tutoring should involve a chat function, clear video (so you can see each other), and an excellent audio (sound) connection. Depending on the subject, file sharing may also be necessary.

My colleague Prashant Yadav, CEO of the India-based tells me his company has a system in which both tutor and student can look at (and make changes to) the same document together. An online “classroom” set-up such as theirs is ideal, but a simple Skype connection can work, too.

Online tutoring is only a good choice for students who are computer-proficient. You don’t have to be a computer genius, but Internet use, email, typing, and similar functions should be familiar.

Finding tutoring on line

Especially for students under age 18, I recommend seeking out a reputable e-tutoring service. Look for a service with plenty of client testimonials and a professional website.

Some of the best e-tutoring companies (and thus the best online tutors) are based in India and China. If you’re a native English speaker, ask for a tutor with excellent English skills. If you and your tutor have real trouble understanding one another, you may have to ask for someone else, but be patient first. New accents can be a little challenging, but a positive cross-cultural connection online is a wonderful experience.

Note to night owls: Online tutors are usually available 24 hours a day.

Many of the tutors listed below are willing to hold sessions via Skype. Email them for details.

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